REALity U...encompasses various weekend classes and midweek seminars that are offered throughout the year to help equip MBCers with the tools to live out our mission statement of being "REAL with God, REAL with Each Other, and REAL in the World."  

FALL 2018 classes have begun and meet every Sunday at 9:30am! (unless noted otherwise)

Check out the classes below and know you can jump in at anytime!  Sunday classes meet in the Lower Level Learning area at MBC.

For more information email Jason Boe by clicking here.

  • Homeward Bound: Study of 1 Peter

    Join Jason Boe and Bill Washburn in our flagship Bible class for REALity U.  They will be digging into the whole book of 1 Peter and mining the treasures that Peter leaves for his readers concerning this life and the life to come in eternity.  For more information or questions, contact Jason Boe.

  • Living as a Church (Expanded Version)

    Join Pastor Brent on a study through Scripture to discover what it means to live as a local church body that not only cares for itself, but glorifies Jesus Christ and shows the world the glory of Christ through their actions, lives, and speech.  For questions or more information contact Pastor Brent.

  • Becoming a Woman Whose God is Enough

    He alone is sufficient. He is enough.

    Through this 11-session Bible study, you will learn to turn from worldly satisfactions to a life of contentment, from selfishness to humility, and from unbelief to rich fellowship with God.  As you grow to depend on the Lord, you’ll learn the joys of giving God control, waiting on Him with contentment, and humbly trusting Him.  

    This class is open to WOMEN of all ages from teens to retirees. Come join Jody, Jan, and Kris in this adventure of being the woman God has created you to be. This class will meet each Sunday at 9:30am in the lower level learning center at MBC.  For more information contact Jody Shelton.